Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kirkuk Aftermath: PM Abadi And PUK Winners, KDP Losers, KRG Done For?

Golden Division sitting in Governor Karim’s seat in Kirkuk City (Rudaw)

Prime Minister Haidar Abadi’s move in Kirkuk went from a possible disaster to an unmitigated success. After fighting broke out in the morning of October 16 the Kurds withdrew and the Iraqi forces took all the positions they wanted plus Kirkuk city and areas of northeast Diyala. This was the result of a deal with the major wing of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which has left the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and President Massoud Barzani hanging high and dry, and threatens the future of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 17

1973 Saddam said govt and KDP were far apart on autonomy talks for Kurds
1980 UN Security Council discussed Iran-Iraq War Addressed by Iran PM and Iraq
            Foreign Minister
1980 Iran For Min told UN Iraq was aggressor Saddam wanted to overthrow Iranian
            govt Iraq backed by superpowers & Arab countries
1980 Iraq For Min said Iran violated treaties attacked border towns never replied to
            letters calling for negotiations
1980 UN Security Council backed Secretary General’s attempts to negotiate a ceasefire
            in Iran-Iraq War
1987 Iraq held national census
1994 Iraqi defector Saadi claimed he went to Jordan with Mukhabarat to buy nuke
            material from Russians for a bomb
2001 NY Times article reported Iraqi defector saw Iraq training terrorists at Salman
            Pak to take airliners
2001 NY Times reported INC said that Iraq diplomat met bin Laden in 98 and offered
            him safe haven
2001 NY Times article Czech Inter Min said 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intel
            officer in Prague
2003 Iraqi prisoner photographed stripped and handcuffed to cell door by US jailers
            at Abu Ghraib
2003 Gunfight outside Sadr office in Karbala killed 3 US soldiers and 7 Iraqis
2004 Zarqawi pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda Tawhid wal Jihad
            became Al Qaeda in Iraq
2004 Heavy fighting in east and south Fallujah between US forces and insurgents
2006 NSC started review of Iraq strategy to come up with new one
2016 Mosul campaign started with joint operations between Iraqi forces and Peshmerga

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fighting Breaks Out Between Federal Forces And Peshmerga In Salahaddin And Kirkuk

The game of brinkmanship blew up in the faces of Baghdad and Irbil on October 16 as talks gave way to fighting in south Kirkuk and Tuz Kharmato in Salahaddin.

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 16

1973 Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian forces attacked Israeli positions but were turned back
2001 CIA Dir Tenet met with UK officials and agreed no Iraq-9/11 connection
2002 Iraq held elections where Saddam voted president for another 7 years
2002 Iraq renewed offer for new UN inspections after US rejected deal
2002 French Pres Chirac said no Iraq Al Qaeda ties & attacking Iraq could
            lead to new terrorist attacks
2003 UN Resolution 1511 set 12/15/03 as date for Iraqi Governing Council to
            submit plan for interim govt & constitution
2012 Maliki removed Shababi after he refused to stop dinar re-valuation Appointed ally
            Turki as new bank head
2017 As Iraqi forces moved towards military base and oil fields in south Kirkuk fighting
            broke out with Peshmerga
2017 Were also clashes in Tuz Kharmato between Hashd and Peshmerga

Sunday, October 15, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 15

1927 1st successful oil well started at Baba Gargur field in Kirkuk
1960 Islamic Party complained to Gen Qasim that his govt neglected religion while
            accepted Communists
1960 Islamic Party asked Qasim to ban Communists and their media while releasing
            any cleric arrested since 1958 coup
1973 Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi offensive in southern Syria failed to achieve results
1980 Iraq Foreign Minister Hamadi presented Iraq’s case to UN claiming it acted in
            self-defense in Iran-Iraq War
1994 Iraq withdrew troops from Kuwait border after Russian diplomacy and UN
            Resolution 949 that demanded withdrawal
1994 UN Res 949 demanded Iraq’s full cooperation with UN inspectors
1995 Saddam won referendum with 99.9% of vote for him to be president for 7 more
1997 Ayatollah Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr gave sermon saying No! Yes is just for
            God mocking Yes to Saddam slogan
1997 Turkey’s Op Dawn ended against PKK in Kurdistan
2001 CIA report from Rome said that Italian intel said Iraq tried to buy uranium from
            Niger but didn’t see much merit in it
2001 Under Sec of Def Feith briefed NSC on plan for governing postwar Iraq with
             3-star general in charge of military and civilian administrator
2001 White House spokesman said no connection between Iraq and anthrax letters
            sent to Wash DC
2002 Rumsfeld wrote list of 29 things that could go wrong with Iraq War One was
            finding no WMD
2002 Rumsfeld's list was to point out possible problems so war could be successful 
2003 Powell said that his claims about Iraq’s WMD program had been proven
2003 Rice said CPA’s schedule for Iraq wouldn’t work and new one had to be created
2003 Sadr followers failed to take over Karbala shrine
2004 US put Zarqawi on its terrorist list
2004 Cheney said Iraq could have given WMD to terrorists
2005 Referendum on new Iraqi constitution held
2006 Mujahedeen Shura Council again announced ISI and Islamic State in Baghdad
            Anbar Diyala Kirkuk Salahaddin Ninewa Babil
2006 Islamic State in Iraq said its goal was to govern
2015 Immediately after Baiji refinery liberated Hashd began looting facility and selling
            off equipment to Iraqi and Iranian businesses

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Escalation In Iraq Continues After KRG Referendum, The Kirkuk Challenge

Iraq’s politicians specialize in brinkmanship where they up the ante against each other taking it right to the edge of confrontation. The country is facing another one of those moments in the aftermath of the September 25 independence referendum in Kurdistan. Before the vote, President Massoud Barzani and other Kurdish leaders attacked the central government for being Baathist law breakers, and said that all the disputed areas the Peshmerga occupied would take part in the election. Since then Baghdad has replied in kind with various politicians demanding retaliation. Prime Minister Haidar Abadi has been trying to respond in his own way, while holding off the angry members of the parliament. That saw a huge escalation on October 12-13 when the premier sent troops into the center of Kirkuk demanding the Peshmerga withdraw.

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 14

1927 Turkish Petroleum Company struck oil at Baba Gurgur field, Kirkuk starting Iraq's oil industry
1973 3rd day fighting between Israeli and Iraqi forces in Syria
1980 Iraqi forces entered Khorramshahr, Iran Iranians began phased withdrawal from
1990 Iran and Iraq officially restored diplomatic relations as Saddam tried to secure his
            eastern flank as war neared with US
1997 Britain, Turkey, US asked for KDP to withdraw from PUK territory
2001 Frontline TV show interviewed Iraq defector who claimed Iraq training
            terrorists to hijack planes at Salman Pak
2003 White House told Congress 70,000 new Iraqi forces on duty and 13,000 in training
2003 Sadrists tried to seize Karbala shrine leading to fighting with Sistani followers
2003 Zarqawi suicide car bombing of Turkish Embassy in Baghdad 2 dead 13 wounded
2004 Insurgents penetrated Green Zone Baghdad Suicide bombers killed 5 wounded 18
2012 MP announced arrest warrant issued for head of Central Bank of Iraq Shabibi
            after he refused to cooperate with Maliki over the dinar
2014 IS captured Hit, Anbar after Iraq army unit abandoned base
2015 Baiji refinery in Salahaddin finally freed from IS

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall 09 When Maliki Blamed Islamic State Bombings In Baghdad On Baathists

August 09 bombing of government buildings in central Baghdad (CNN)

In the fall of 2009 Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was claiming that security had improved in Iraq and it was due to his strong leadership. As a sign of progress he ordered blast walls to be taken down in Baghdad. (1) The celebration was shot lived as a series of car bombs hit government buildings in the center of Baghdad in August and October, and a third attempt was foiled in September. All the evidence pointed to the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) being responsible, but Maliki blamed Baathists instead in an attempt to rally the Shiite masses behind him after he’d been embarrassed by these security failures.

This Day In Iraqi History – Oct 13

1973 Continued fighting between Israeli and Iraqi forces in Syria
1996 PUK counterattacked Recaptured Sulaymaniya from KDP with Iranian support
2004 Blair told parliament that Iraq Study Group proved Saddam wanted WMD and
            violated UN resolutions
2004 Mass grave with hundreds of Kurds killed by Saddam in 1987-88 discovered in
            Hatra Ninewa
2006 Mujahedeen Shura Council became ISI Announced Islamic State in Baghdad
            Anbar Diyala Kirkuk Salahaddin Ninewa Babil
2006 New ISI announced Abu Omar al-Baghdadi emir of Islamic State
2015 Abadi cabinet approved new pay scale for govt workers to cut costs pushed as
            reform move Led to protests by public employees
2015 KRG PM Barzani removed four Gorran ministers from KRG cabinet

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 12

1957 Meeting at Ayatollah Muhsin Hakim’s house founding Dawa Party
1958 Gen Qasim sent Arif to Germany as Iraq’s ambassador to eliminate him as
1973 Israeli 210th Div attacked Iraqi forces in Syria destroying 20 Iraqi tanks and
            forcing withdrawal
1973 Later in day Israeli and Iraqi tanks re-engaged forcing Israelis to withdraw
1973 3rd engagement between Israelis and Iraqis forced Iraqis to withdraw
1973 Israel sent in paratroops 250km into Syria to disrupt Iraqi reinforcements
            moving to front & stopped their advance
1984 Saddam told Arabic newspaper he was ready to reestablish diplomatic relations
            with U.S.
1994 SCIRI claimed clashes between Iraqi forces and opposition in Diwaniya
2001 Wash Post article quoted INC that Iraq training terrorists on hijacking
airplanes at Salman Pak implying 9/11 connection
2003 Zarqawi hit Baghdad Hotel with suicide car bomb 8 dead 32 wounded
2004 4 Sadr leaders including Qais Khazali were refusing to follow ceasefire ending
            2nd Battle of Najaf
2005 Report 1st Bgd 6th Div carrying out sectarian raids and attacks on Sunnis in
2006 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace said Iraq forces increasing but violence going up
            Contradicted US strategy for Iraq
2006 Mujahedeen Shura Council joined 6 tribes to create Mutayibeen Coalition
2014 IS's Dabiq article justified enslavement of Yazidis

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